Temple Sha’arey Shalom


Sha’arey Shalom is a proud member congregation of the Union for Reform Judaism, which represents over 1.5 million Reform Jews and 1,800 Reform rabbis in over 900 congregations throughout North America.  As a Reform congregation, we are proud to offer our community a warm, welcoming and accepting place to worship each and every week.  Our services are inclusive and egalitarian, allowing those of all backgrounds to come and enjoy.

All services are open to everyone and include the usage of the Reform movement’s siddur, Mishkan T’Filah.

Erev Shabbat Worship (Friday evenings)

Erev Shabbat services are on Friday evenings, beginning at 7:00 pm.  Holidays or other special events may occasionally change the start time of services.  For the most up-to-date information, be sure to visit our calendar by clicking here.

Shabbat Morning Study & Worship (Saturday mornings)


Shabbat Minyan – 11:00 am

The Shabbat Minyan is comprised of a small group of men and women who want to delve deeper into their understanding of Jewish history, ethics, and principles. Over the years we have had new members join our group; it’s easy to fit right in. Dress is very informal and relaxed.

The Minyan study group meets at 11:00 am every Saturday morning on Zoom, throughout the year, except for conflicting Jewish holidays. Each week includes the study of a different portion of text, which members generally read in advance.  However, anyone can participate in the discussion as the material is always read together.  Lively discussions include current events and references to other Jewish texts; some members choose to do research and bring additional materials.  The completion of each major book of Torah usually includes a party to celebrate and a special Shabbat dedicated to a recapitulation of the book that was just finished.

Discussions are usually completed around 12:00 pm and are followed by a short service (approximately 15 minutes).