Sha'arey Shalom is please to announce that we will now be offering FREE Religious School & in house tutoring to all Temple Members with a paid Temple Membership.

From Larry Lerner, Chairman of Temple Sha'arey Shalom Finance Committee: The budget is an outline of probable expenses and income for the next year. On the income side of the budget, the dues to be received is merely an estimate, and can be revised as the year progresses. Certainly the expected revenue from funds raised or gifts received are merely guesstimates and the Temple is guided in its expenses by the expected revenues. If the expenses vary for any reason, the Finance committee follows the expenses at any time and compares them to variations in income. The Finance committee reviews changes to actual income and expenses on a monthly basis.

Thus, if the dues structure has to be changed to meet competition the Board of the Temple does not have to adopt a new budget each month because of changes.

Finally, this is an unusual year with the sale of the Temple building, and it is to be expected that the budget must be looked at each month to determine how the adopted budget is following the actual income and expenses.

If you have other questions, you can direct them to either Edie as President or to me as Chairman of the Finance Committee. We welcome the inquiries and will answer your questions as soon as possible.