Pittsburgh Temple Shooting

Dear Friends,

Our hearts are broken by the shooting at Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh. What could be more tragic than innocent brothers and sisters murdered at our people's most sacred weekly gathering - a Shabbat service with a Brit Milah. It offers little comfort that the shooter was taken into custody at the time that he began shooting.

In addition, we are concerned for our own congregation's security. I want you to know that security of our congregants, students and staff continues to be our highest priority.  Our security committee, staff and lay leadership work closely with world-class security consultants to regularly review our many security protocols and procedures. We are also grateful for our longstanding close partnership with the Springfield police, which helps us maintain a strong security posture.

In this morning's Torah portion Abraham argues with God on behalf of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. God promises to spare the cities from destruction if Abraham can find just 10 righteous people. In the end Abraham cannot, and the cities are destroyed. Nonetheless, this story is meant to teach us that a very small number of good people can redeem the entire world. Sadly, this week we have witnessed just a few individuals wreak fear and destruction. Let us gather together, so that we can bring hope, healing and peace to a world so deeply in need of redemption. 
In sadness and with eternal prayers for peace. 

There will be a community rally tomorrow morning at 11am (Sunday) at Temple B'nai Abraham in Livingston.

Rabbi Renee Edelman
Temple Sha'arey Shalom
78 South Springfield Avenue
Springfield, NJ
973-379-5387 x 22