January Shout Outs


Marissa Ruggiero on her new job!

Brotherhood for their wonderful Chanukah brunch

Ryan Lafazan and his committee for the great training job he did for the staff on security procedures

Dotti Shtafman for running the raffle ticket fund raiser as only our Dotti can do!

For Mindy Rossman, preschool director, for her hard work recruiting new children for our preschool.

For Edie Ben Israel for getting our scrip program up and running. Call Edie for gift cards or order them online.

For Amy Kass working crafts with our youngsters during the Chanukah brunch.

Rabbi Renee, Natalie Neuhaus, Suzanne Neuhaus, Mara and Taylor Friedman. Thanks for helping with the crafts at the Chanukah brunch, and Ben Kass for helping clean up at the Chanukah brunch.

The following people for all their hard work and dedication during the Springfield Chanukah Celebration: Pam Bain, Marc Bain, Ryan Lafazan, Amy Kass, Dayle Treece, and Meisha McAleney.

Rabbi Roger Lerner for his Red String Theory discussion on Sunday morning.

Pam Bain and her committee for helping to organize the Jewish Community event involving the entire Springfield Jewish Community. All proceeds went to support the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.