Important Message to the Congregation
March 27, 2019

Dear Congregants,

We are fulfilling the original May 22, 2018 Congregational meeting motion to give the information gleaned over these last few months of research and discussion.

"In order to go forward expeditiously, I move to establish a committee representative of the entire Congregation consisting of no more than 13 people (including representatives from the Board, LRPC, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Renaissance, as well as religious school parents and other congregants) with the purpose of immediately analyzing the options in the Board of Trustees Strategic Plan and the options in the LRPC report presented at the May 22 informational meeting. The committee will conduct focus groups to determine the concerns and desires of our congregation, seek advice from the URJ, gather information on the consequences and feasibility of the options, and explore the critical factors and key questions required to allow the congregation to make informed decisions. The committee will have up to 8 months to complete their assignment and will make monthly progress reports to the Temple Board. When the committee has presented all its findings to the Board and the Board has determined the options for the path forward are ready to be presented to the congregation, a congregation meeting will be called."

There will be NO vote taken on April 7, 2019. It is an informational meeting only.

Roberta and Ellen