High Holy Day Information

All are Welcome! You will not need tickets to join our virtual service or Briant Park for Tashlich. Guests will need to pre-register for virtual services.

Unfortunately, this Yom Tovim, the Holy Days of Rosh HaShanah, Sukkot and Shavuot will be on zoom. We are trying to find ways to be together, six feet apart, masked for some of our fall festivities, being mindful of health imperatives.

Our services will look different. They will be on zoom. We are trying to keep each service or experience under an hour, which has been proven is the longest a person is able to concentrate on zoom. Services will look different, as rather than using our traditional books, we have the opportunity to create Power Points using the new Reform High Holy Day prayer book, Tefillat HaNefesh- prayer of the soul. The services are all set to evoke a different emotion using modern poetry and modern traditions with the ancient melodies of old. These will not be our typical services, we will create sacred moments through creative modalities.

High Holy Day Information Booklet

High Holy Day Schedule