Dear Temple family,

Temple Sha'arey Shalom will be a support congregation for St. James (our neighbor) on Monday, July 29th. We will be providing a dinner that St. James recommends. It is Shake and Bake chicken, roasted potatoes, salad, fruit and dessert. So far, they think there will be at least 15 people from Family Promise and about 4-5 from our Temple and St. James.

So we need your help. Usually with this large a group I use 2 people making enough for 8 guests. In other words, 2 people to make chicken for 8, 2 people to make potatoes for 8, two people to make salad for 8, 2 people to bring fruit for 8, and 2 people to bring dessert for 8.

Call or e-mail me to say you are ready to shake and bake by taking on one of those tasks.

Thanks in advance.

Bev Lerner