Who: The who is you, your friends, family, neighbors – anyone – who likes to win expensive prizes and support our temple? Think about looking at tables filled with colorful and beautifully wrapped baskets where you can see gift certificates, jewelry…so many amazing items in each basket. Four levels of prizes are available for you to win. There are over 149 (ok there are 150) oversized baskets and larger items valued from approximately $100 at a “level 1“ items up to $3,000 for prizes at “level 4”! All for the nominal cost of tickets.

What are we talking about? The Temple Sha’arey Shalom Tricky Tray FUNdraiser. When you arrive, you will receive a free sheet of ‘regular’ tickets as part of your $18 admission fee. All attendees are required to pay the admission fee whether you drop your tickets through a “walk-through” or stay for some or all the time. The admissions fee can be paid in advance or at the door.

Snack/dessert and coffee/tea are provided for free at the event. You may NOT bring in other/outside food due to the restrictions of the temple that is providing space for our event.

Cash or Zelle are the acceptable forms of payment for entry and tickets. Credit cards will also be accepted with a 3.5% surcharge added to your total.

When: Sunday, October 24, 2021. Doors open at 2:30 PM. If you are not able to stay for the event, you can arrive at 1:30 PM, purchase tickets and experience the excitement of possibly winning wonderful items. You can walk around and see the prizes, drop your tickets in the buckets of your choice and leave. You do NOT need to be present to win. You do need to put your name/phone number on the back of your tickets.

How do you participate? It’s easy. For a nominal donation/admission fee of $18.00 you get
1) good luck because $18. is Chai;
2) a free sheet of “regular-level” tickets;
3) desserts and coffee/tea;
4) an opportunity to win great items.
And, the most important reason to participate
is 5) support our temple that supports so many who need food, rent money, a place to pray…a community like ours that is unmatched.

Masks are required to enter the building and must be properly worn at all times. We will not ask for proof of vaccination, but if you are not vaccinated, please consider the ‘walk through’ option.

Where do you go for this fun and excitement? The event is being held at Congregation B’nai Israel (CBI) located at 160 Millburn Avenue Millburn, NJ

Why should you come? This is a fundraiser for our temple. We rely on donations to continue to serve the community and to support individuals in need. Your membership is critical but is not enough to pay all of our regular expenses. Like other organizations, we rely on your regular financial and volunteer support – it is critical. If you haven’t gotten around to sending in your High Holiday donation or your yahrzeit donation or that congratulations you meant to send last month then take THIS opportunity to support the Tricky Tray and feel good about supporting the temple –you may even get back much more in prizes that you spend on your tickets. Think of us like every other organization that help you and your family. If you regularly donate to a charity, please add us to your list and/or buy tickets and feel good about your donation.

Options: There are two confirmed options for participating in the Tricky Tray:

1. Arrive anytime between 1:30pm – 2:30pm and do a “walk through.” Purchase additional tickets from the four levels (value) of prizes. Walk around (WITH YOUR MASK ON), check out the baskets and prizes and drop your tickets into the buckets of our choice. You will need to put your name and phone number on the back of each ticket that you drop into the buckets since you don’t need to be in attendance to win. Make it easy – just first name and phone number. You keep the matching ticket so when you win, you can produce the matching ticket.

2. If you prefer to arrive at 2:00pm and stay at the event for some or all of the time, you can reserve a table or seats at no charge. There will be free desserts and coffee/tea.

3. Zoom or Streaming??? We don’t know, yet, but we are trying to arrange a zoom or live stream of the event so that you can view remotely and check your tickets “live.”

What happens when I win? If you are a winner and you are not present at the time of the drawing, we will call you to pick up your items before 5:00pm the same day (October 24, 2021).

If it is not possible for you to pick up by 5:00pm, we may be able to hold the prizes for up to 48 hours. After that, you will forfeit your winnings and your basket will be donated.

More that you should know: Some of the baskets contain gift certificates with expiration dates. We have contacted all the donors and have been advised that they happily extend these dates.

We thank them for their donation, their understanding and their commitment to helping Temple Sha’arey Shalom run our very first event since 2019 due to COVID.

You may have thought we would never reach this day, and we thank you for your support and your patience. We greatly appreciate your involvement and support.

If you have any questions, please call the Temple Office, 973-379-5387 or email scroll@shaarey.org.