Celebrate Sha’arey Shalom – to share in the June Scroll


Dear Friends,

For over 63 years, Temple Sha’arey Shalom has been a mainstay of a Reform presence in Springfield. You have grown up in her walls. Learned your alphabet and your first Jewish words in preschool. Raised your children and watched them grow, celebrate their Jewish life events and blossom in her hallways, from her Bimah and in her classrooms. You wrote Purim spiels and not only marked your spiritual life but also your social life at Temple Sha’arey Shalom. You studied Torah and taught Torah in many different forms through our traditional books, art, philosophy, through films and literature. You left your mark on Temple Sha’arey Shalom as she and her Rabbis, Cantors and Educators left their mark upon your heart.

Our Scroll is usually where we send out messages for upcoming events, but the June Scroll will be written by you. You have an opportunity to share what the synagogue means to you and how it’s been an important part of your life. Tell stories, teach Torah, write your goodbye to the place and the people who formed Temple Sha’arey Shalom and those who continue to leave their mark here. You can be of any age. Your essays or pages can be a page or under. You can use your creativity; we would love to have art, poetry, or odes to our spiritual home.

Please write and send your pieces in to Sandy at scroll@shaarey.org by June 12th at the latest. Please leave us all with a great big love letter to Temple Sha’arey Shalom.

Rabbi Renee