Dear Families-

Providing children with experiences and opportunities to learn and practice newly acquired skills defines the essence of our curriculum. Research in child development and how children learn supports offering them challenges just beyond their present mastery in a comfortable and safe environment. This allows children and teachers to flourish together in a community of trust and feeling valued.

Our Teachers are skilled in knowing how to present the content areas of literacy, math, science, social studies, arts, and process skills in a way that meets each child's developmental needs. We offer opportunities for both child-initiated and teacher-directed learning.

In following the guidelines of the Union for Reform Judaism, we offer programming that presents an early approach to the teaching of Judaism alongside nonsecular learning.

We welcome family participation knowing that every family has something positive to offer. Whether it's volunteering at an event, sharing a talent in the classroom, or participating in parent-teacher conferences, everyone wins!

Please join us and share in the magic and love of lifelong learning with your children!


Mindy Rossman